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Gran Cruz Turismo Lda. has is headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia, postal code 4400-195, Portugal, and it is registered in the competent Commercial Registry Office under the single registration number and legal person 509 188 389. It is part of Grupo Gran Cruz Porto, Soc. Comercial de Vinhos (designated front as Gran Cruz Porto), sharing some of its departments with this structure, such as Commercial, Marketing and Quality Management. The Applications "My Porto Cruz" and "Porto Cruz Tasting Panel”, hereinafter referred as "Application", and all contents contained therein (unless indicated otherwise) belong to the Gran Cruz Turismo.

Application Access And Content

By opening the application, you accept Terms and Conditions explained below. Access to the application is free, except pages referring to alcoholic beverages. These are restricted to individuals with legal age for the consumption of alcoholic beverages, according to the Portuguese law in force. In Portugal, jurisdiction where Gran Cruz Turismo is established, the user must be 18 years old or older to access content related to alcoholic beverages. Gran Cruz Turismo may freely change its Terms and Conditions with no prior notification. Users can not use the application if:
a) They do not accept Terms and Conditions described;
b) If they intend to access content related to alcoholic beverages and they are not in legal age to consume alcoholic beverages.

Copyright, Trademarks And Other Property Rights

That website content, including but not limited, trademarks, designs, logos, text, images, audio and video materials, are exclusive property of Gran Cruz Porto and Gran Cruz Turismo, unless indicated otherwise. You may not display, reproduce, distribute, modify, transmit and / or use content belonging to Quinta de Ventozelo for public and / or commercial purposes, without the prior express written consent of the Society.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

Gran Cruz Turismo does not guarantee that access to the application will not be interrupted and / or free of errors or problems. As it is not guaranteed that the information in the application is complete, accurate or opportune. Gran Cruz Turismo reserves the right to restrict or terminate at any time the access to the application or any resource or part thereof, with or without prior notice.

Limitation Of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, neither Gran Cruz Turismo nor any party involved in the creation, production, or implementation of this application may be liable for any loss, damage or cost, whether contractual, non-contractual (including negligence) or any other arising as a result of reliance on the information contained in this application.


Without prejudice to measures provided for general law, the user commits to compensate and exempt Gran Cruz Porto and Gran Cruz Turismo from all liabilities arising from the misuse of the application and / or non-compliance of Terms and Conditions. Any misuse with any equipment and / or software will be imputed to the user by the moment the damage was caused.

Applicable Law And Jurisdiction

The following Terms and Conditions shall be ruled and expound according Portuguese Law. The user consents, irrevocably, according to the attribution to the jurisdiction of the Judicial Court of Porto, Portugal, to hear any action arising and / or related to these Terms and Conditions and / or the use of this application or the Privacy Policy, expressly disclaiming any other jurisdiction.

General Provisions

If any provision of Terms and Conditions will be set aside by any court with competent jurisdiction, invalidity of any of that provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions, which shall remain effective in force.

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